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Operations Management for Facilities and Pipelines

Are you looking for a way to dramatically cut down the cost and effort associated with organizing and supervising maintenance and service operations for your facilities and supply lines? We offer a one-stop solution, i.e. we assume all duties and responsibilities associated with operations management. The corresponding tasks are performed in accordance with the technical safety management standards as specified in the High Pressure Gas Pipeline Regulation.

Besides the execution of all maintenance and servicing as well as reconditioning and repair work, we will be pleased to offer you planning, preparation, organization, and supervision of these tasks by an expert who is responsible for the overall project or the engineering manager. This includes, of course, the coordination of commissioning and decommissioning of the facility, the selection, use, and supervision of external experts and specialty companies, if necessary. First of all, we create, in close cooperation with you, a customized maintenance program that is geared to the individual conditions and needs of your company. Apart from the technical guidelines, this program also allows for the economic efficiency over the entire useful life of your facilities and supply networks. In the event of changing circumstances, we will, of course, adjust your maintenance plan accordingly.

We will provide detailed reports in previously agreed intervals that inform you about the operations carried out, the state of your facilities and supply lines as well as major repairs which might be necessary in the future, or required modifications including corresponding cost estimates.

Within the scope of Operations Management, we offer you our 24 / 7 on-call service—valid for our entire range of services, including pipe networks, gas pressure regulating stations, and gas metering systems, CNG refueling stations, and biogas supply plants. Over the last three decades, Schandl has built a vast network of locations allowing us to reach every site of operation in no time. You will certainly find us not too far from your site. We also benefit from the achievements of modern remote control technology and @ services.

Schandl GmbH is highly experienced when it comes to organize and execute any preventive maintenance and service operations in the gas and water supply sectors. We are certified according to ISO 9001 (QM system) and DVGW G 493-2, group 1. All line maintenance work performed by Schandl GmbH complies with the DVGW guidelines. We satisfy all qualification criteria that apply to maintenance and operations management companies for gas facilities and supply lines.