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Maintenance and Repair of Gas Pressure Control and Measuring Stations

Periodic monitoring and maintenance of a gas pressure control and measuring station will guarantee its operational safety and a long useful life. Only a maintenance strategy adapted to the respective operating conditions ensures a reliable and economic supply of natural gas.

Schandl GmbH uses professionally trained specialist staff (experts according to DVGW1 G 493-2, Group 1) and extremely well-equipped service vehicles to maintain your equipment.

Unser Service für Gasdruckregel-und Messanlagen:

  • Inspection, functional test, and servicing of gas installations as stipulated by DVGW1 instruction sheets such as G 492 and G 495
  • Creation of test reports showing the expected and actual conditions
  • Repair and reconstruction of gas installations in accordance with the applicable regulations
  • Preparation and execution of pressure vessel tests
  • Scheduling of maintenance work to be carried out

In addition, we offer you a 24 x 7 on-call service.

1German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water