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Fiber Deployment

Providing homes and companies with a fast Internet connection and a powerful infrastructure for IT communication has become increasingly important for the modern society.
Unabhängig vom gewünschten Ausbaukonzept, ob Fiber to the Curb ( FttC ), Fiber to the Building ( FttB) oder Fiber to the Home ( FttH ),Schandl GmbH bietet umfassende Leistungen für den Ausbau Ihres GlasfasernetzeRegardless of the desired deployment configuration, be it Fiber to the Curb (FttC), Fiber to the Building (FttB), or Fiber to the Home (FttH), Schandl GmbH offers comprehensive services for the deployment of your fiber network.
In cooperation with our partners, we put together an overall package which may encompass the complete range of services: As desired, you can select from civil engineering work, including laying of the required cable ductwork, jetting and splicing of the optical fibers and measuring of the fiber optic cable routes.